Sunday, December 4, 2011

Instagram Sunday!

 Not an awful lot has happened in the Wardle household
 this week. Andy had his birthday on Tuesday and I bought
him some motorbike leathers a few weeks ago...You should
 see him getting in and out of them...SO funny!! But at least
I know that he's that little bit safer when he goes out riding...

Also, to help celebrate Andy's birthday one of Australia's most
fave bands, Cold Chisel, just happened to be playing at the 
Adelaide Entertainment Center on Wednesday night so what
better way to spend it with our fantastic friends Wendy and James...

This is Cold Chisel... 
Jimmy Barnes can still rock the house down! We had an
awesome time!

Just a quick pic of my gorgeous youngest son Cameron who
started his first day of High School transition this week...
He gets to spend 2 full days there later this week also... 

ME: What was your favourite bit honey??
CAM: Ummmm .... The tuck shop!

That is just SO Cameron ..LOL!!

So Saturday I finally gave in and we put up the tree....  

And even though it doesn't snow here in Australia cause of the
whole "Summer" thing...I had to get him...He's SO cute!!

 Hope you all have a wonderful week!!


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