Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Scrapperlicious Scrappers And Artful INKables - Day 3

First, I would like to introduce the Scrapperlicious Scrappers....
You know when I went to Naracoorte for the weekend, these are the lovely ladies, my old scrap buddies that I went to see.
Before I left Scrap n Patch (my old shop) these beautiful and very talented ladies used to lunch, hang out, scrapbook, card make, laugh, cry and giggle all together with Susy and me... I miss them all terribly and when a chance for all of us to catch up comes up I have to take it because 3 of us have moved from Naracoorte and getting together unfortunately, is rare thing!

From Left to Right: Coco, Sandie, Susy, Sharon, Me, Maria, Jane and Kathryn

We have all formed an online challenge group guessed it The Scrapperlicious Scrappers where we will meet once a month to share our themed projects....First theme is by Coco and she picked "Winter Wonderland" and we will be starting in July...Doing layouts...really?...Can't we do a little card Susy?.....No....Well, ok, then layouts it is!

So, today I am going to show you my third card in the Artful INKables / Twilight Tuesday collaboration....

So this is my "Edward" card.... I found this gorgeous drawing on my many blog hoping, Edward/Rob, I'm bored lets see what I can find moments, by canehda.

I thought it would go really well with the Dazzled stamp as Edward/Rob often dazzles me....Is that a bit corny?? Anyway I can't remember what the paper was called...Will drop back into Camelot on Sunday and find out!!

I really love this little stamp I actually embossed it and coloured it in with my pencils...Again..Seem to be going through a colour pencil phase at the moment....So there you go! Very easy and simple!

Ok, so I promised you my comment portion of the challenge...Now please don't think I'm nuts after I tell you all this....

How The Twilight Saga Has Changed My Life:

I have always considered myself a rational, sane, normal person who has a nice comfortable home, a loving and fantastic husband, 2 beautiful boys ( well, most of the time) and a pretty happy existence until August last year!
Everything changed for me with one single sentence and I don't know if I should thank Stephanie Meyer or ask her what was she thinking putting my life in turmoil?
I have never been this obsessed about anything in my life. It was getting to the point when Twilight was realised last November that I was constantly on Youtube (and I mean nearly all day) trying to get to see bits of the movie and swearing at Summit and Youtube when they took them off as fast as people were trying to put the clips on!
I read those 4 books in 4 and a half days flat and my children and husband thought I had left home and was missing. Housework, dinner, washing all suffered and sometimes still do!
I was really starting to worry that I had a serious problem. What was wrong with me? Why was I suddenly having heart palpitations over a 22 year old guy who I hardly knew anything about except he was pretty cute in Harry Potter...
Was this normal? Did other's feel the same way? Then one day I found my bit of Heaven in the form of Twilight Tuesday...Not only have I found friends who feel the same as I do, they don't roll their eyes at me or get this glazed look when I start to gush about my obsession.....
Finally I feel normal. Finally I feel at peace. Finally I feel at home.
Thankyou Twilight Tuesday!

Lots of Twilight Love

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