Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wardle Bridge...

LOOK what we found...."Wardle Bridge" Well, we did go looking for it, we didn't know exactly where it was, but we found it!
So the story goes....The original bridge was built in 1874 by Andrew's 3 times great grandfather Michael Wardle and this bridge which the boys are standing on was built in 1961 by Andrew's great grandfather Michael Wardle (they have a LOT of Michael's in the family) when the old one was falling apart.

Andrew and Leon (Andy's brother) had their photo taken back in the early 80's at this same spot. Unfortunately I don't have a copy of that photo to show you but I thought it would be fun to put our boys where their dad and uncle stood years before.....Note to Me: Will have to get a copy of that photo now!!

Andrew has been wanting to find the bridge since we moved up here and today we thought we would go for a drive and find it.....

It's only a small bridge just in the Hindmarsh Valley down from Victor Harbour but it's full of our family history and were proud of it!
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