Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Some Cards and a Tidy Ribbon Box.

Sue asked me to make some baby cards for her, this for a little girl, of course you say.....it's pink. Have been wanting to use my "baby" set of stamps from Stampin Up and thought it was a good opportunity...

I have made this card before for a class I taught at Scrap n Patch, this time I changed the colours.

This card I made awhile ago as well.... I have used the Hero Arts Warm Wishes Motif stamp.

While I was making the cards today I happen to notice my ribbon box (that Andy made me) was really messy so I gave that a tidy up as well... Look at all my pretty ribbons, well the ones that fit anyway....I think I might need another ribbon box!


susy said...

Very cute Don. Love the ribbon box, mine has expanded from one neat basket all wound on boards to three jars as well as this and also a small basket of scraps, so you think maybe I have collection issue?
How long have you had that header,(don't tell me always, I'll be tooo embarrased that I'm that unobservant, or maybe too busy looking at all your pretty stuff)it's lovely.

Rachel's Journal Pages said...

OH OH OH a ribbon box! It's about the prettiest thing I've ever seen! I so want one... actually I would just love all the ribbon inside.
I love using ribbon on my scrapbooking pages lately - it's so classy and versitile.

On another note - you're right about making the most of the time with parents while they are still around. Had a great time 'bonding' with my dad and try to make time for my grandparents who are still alive too - for the very reason that you mentioned, they won't be here for ever and I don't want to regret anything when they do pass away.

How is the job hunting going? You mentioned a few weeks ago that you were heading back to the workforce... well, you always have been in the workforce - just not paid enough for it! Maybe if Mums went on strike we could get better pay and working conditions.

Sorry for the essay response... I'll go now.

Sandie said...

Darlin' Don,
What an absloutely fabulous ribbon box!!!!!!!!!!!
All mine are just tangled in a big box!!!!!!! I have two carpenters in the family so I had better get them on to one of these.......&* soon!!
Love the cards - they're so cute.
You are one talented girl, I love your work & wish that I was as creative & good as you!!
Have a lovely night & I'll let you know how the wedding goes.

Anonymous said...

Love that Baby card. And that ribbon, I wish I was so organized.
Any friend of Susy's is a friend of mine.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
You're a great talent. I'll be back.
Hugs from Texas.

Anne Elizabeth said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog:) I love the cards you made. I have started making them in the past year too. I love the ribbon box!