Friday, July 4, 2008

Wacky Hair Day!

Cam looking incredibly cool!

What was he saying, oh yes...."Mum's got new Knickers"

Today is Wacky Hair Day at Eastern Fleurieu School.
We really didn't know what we were going to do with his hair being so short, we came up with a few ideas..... spiking and spraying his hair came up but I (being a practical mum and not wanting to clean his hair for days on end) talked him out of it. Then we decided a wig might be the way to go....Oh, the sunglasses...they were his idea, he thinks he looks WAY cool!



susy said...

OMG he looks so different, now I know what your kids would have looked like if you had married guy Sebastian instead of Andrew,lol.

Rachel's Journal Pages said...

I was just thinking how much he looks like you, I think you and he have a similar face structure... no surprise really is it?...

My son is still to young to have figured out the colured hairspray stuff that looks revolting! So for wacky hair day he was one of the only ones WITHOUT strange, coloured, sticky, co-agulated hair - thank goodness!

mindi said...

So very cute!! Great idea - too - getting a wig :D