Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me......

I think, and I hope that you would agree that birthday's get better as you get older.

As you get older you get to appreciate the time you have to celebrate, be it with friends or family or both and you really want to make the time count! I turned 37 today and have just had the best weekend. Sue and I were suppose to go on a scrapbooking tour on the 28th but it was cancelled at the last minute. So already having organised kids and husbands we thought we would do a tour of our own....

We took Andrew's brand new work car that he got on Friday, and headed into town...... Armed with a Gloria Jeans Very Vanilla Latte (might I just add here that Gloria Jeans is my favourite place to have coffee and I would walk over hot coals to have one!) we went on to do some very serious scrapbook shopping. Andrew gave me $100 to spend on whatever I liked and not having to rush we slowly took our time visiting Rip it Up, Charlotte's Web and Seriously Scrapbooking. Having my birthday at the end of the financial year has always been a bonus and it seemed like there were bargains to be had everywhere. Ahhhhh Bliss.

Then today I went out for a L.L.L. (long ladies lunch). I invited my best girl friends up here, Sue, Wendy, Michele and Bren to Cafe Alto in Mt. Barker, if you ever need to have lunch or just a coffee, I really recommend this great little Cafe! So over a couple of glasses of wine, a gourmet pizza (OMG soooooo yummy) and coffee to finish, we all had a lovely afternoon of full stomach's and good company. I would like to, at this moment, thank my wonderful husband for letting me do all this and look after the kids without once complaining.... Love you Honey, you are the best!



Rachel's Journal Pages said...

Congratulations! What a special day for you! Sounds like you had a truly special birthday and made the most of every minute without having to care for the kids for the day.
That's great - I'm sure that you deserved such a fun, special day.
Good point too - having a birthday at tax-time is heaven for any bargain shopper.

Sandie said...

Go you young thing!!
It sounds like you have had the most wondeful day for your special day. How else could you celebrate but by scrap shopping, good coffee & great company for a great lunch.
Thanks for sharing with us bloggers part of your most special day.
luv me xxooxx

Dawn said...

Happy 37th Birthday for Saturday, What a wonderful way to spend the day, good coffee, $100 to spend, shopping and more shopping, good company for lunch and then home to relax!!! Enjoy your week,