Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Makeover in Real Time: Master Bedroom.

I was blog hopping the other day, as one does on a Saturday morning while eating breakfast and having one's morning coffee and stumbled across this gorgeous little blog called Scout and Nibble by Jesse. Jesse is an amazing DYI'er and I love the way she has decorated her home and as I was admiring her rooms I came across a post called "A Makeover in Real Time: Master Bedroom". As I kept reading it totally dawned on me that this is what I wanted to do as well... Instead of showing you all the before pictures and then BAM! you have a insanely stunning, blow you socks off  "after pic". I thought it might be a nice change to show all the small changes as they happen, including the mistakes. So here we go.. The before pictures...

It has taken me what seems like eternity to find a style I like. And believe you me, I like them all. I just could not make up my mind. How did I want to feel when I walked into this room? After thinking long and hard and changing my mind about a thousand times I came to the conclusion when I walked into this room I wanted it to be light and airy. I wanted it to look fresh, sophisticated and us...

So once I committed to this kind of style, I was able to move forward. 

I decided to take my inspiration from the painting that hangs above the wall. It was a 40th birthday present from my BFF Wendy and my sister Cindy. I knew from the painting I wanted my colour scheme to be grey and white with pop's of yellow. The first of the changes was buying a new quilt and quilt cover. After about 6 months of looking I found one I liked on Temple and Webster, a housewares site I found through a friend. Even though we have a Queen size bed I upgraded the new quilt and quilt cover to a King size so the quilt would go over the edges of the bed... Ok, maybe more so Andy didn't steal the quilt in winter...

The next change was to replace the chair in the corner of the room.... In other word's Andy's chairobe, since that's where all his clothes end up. With some of my birthday money I bought this chair from IKEA. I know it looks blue in the picture but it really is a dark grey.

The next thing was to buy some yellow sham's to go on the bed. I got these gorgeous ones from Festive Home Decor. I sort of freaked out until they got here because I really didn't know how they were going to look... Lucky for me I love them and they also go really well with the quilt cover and the yellow in the painting really pop's out. I also bought a little yellow cushion to go on the grey chair. When Andy hasn't got clothes all over it it looks really pretty.

I was really loving all the little changes so far but the bedside table lamps were really bothering me. They were the wrong color and maybe even the wrong shape for the look I was going for so I went and bought some new silver and white ones at Spotlight when the had their mid year sale on.

Next thing I did was convince Andy that we needed to change the wall colour behind the bed to a grey. This was in fact a little easier than I expected. If you know my husband you know why... I picked out Taubmans "Grey Castle". I was really happy with how the room suddenly became so light and airy. I am in the process of convincing Andy that we need to paint the rest of the room in the same colour... Wish me luck!

I have changed a few accessories on the tall boy. A tray to hold my perfume and jewelry in, a quote I made from scrapbooking paper and scrapbook factory deluxe and a vase of white roses.... So far so good?

What I want to do next are really big things. I either want to paint the bedroom set black and change the knobs or I am going to be totally lazy (cause let's face it that's a huge job) and buy a whole new set... Probably the latter.... So if your in the market for a wooden bedroom set yell out!! I want to replace the carpet, in fact, I want to do this in all the bedrooms and I want to finish painting the room and maybe add some curtains to soften the window up a bit. There you go. This is what I have done so far. It has been a slow process, but now that I'm not saving madly for our holiday to Sydney I might be able to do a few of those big things. So, what do you think? Do you like what I have done? Do you have any tips or ideas that will make this room light and airy? Or am I on the right track?

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