Tuesday, September 3, 2013



Loving: That Spring is finally here!!

Reading: My copy of A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book. I LOVE this book. Emma and Elsie from A Beautiful Mess have done a wonderful job with this book. It is it written really well and is easy to understand with beautiful photo's and wonderful ideas. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in photography or even if you just like pretty books sitting on your coffee table.

Eating: Too much chocolate! Need to stop and find some will power!

Drinking: Smoothies... I had forgotten how good they taste. 

Anticipating:  Going away on the 20th and 21st of this month to the Barossa for our 20th wedding anniversary.

Watching: I watched Jane Eyre (2011 version) the other night. I forgot how much I liked this book. So now I have to get it for my Kobo.

Listing To: Anything at the moment. Is it really bad that half the songs out there I just don't get?! .... I mean have you ever watched Pop Asia???? ...Ok, I know, I'm showing my age! 

Planning:  Our trip to Sydney... We have a few surprises in store for the boys!! Can't wait!! 

Creating: Some home made art, which I will be sharing with you very soon.

Need to Finish: Stuff around the house!!.... The list is longer still....

Wishing: That Cameron's eye gets better very soon and that he doesn't need another operation!


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