Sunday, August 25, 2013

Around Here Lately...

It's been a bit of a weird week in the Wardle household. We got a call last week to say there had been a cancellation on Cameron's eye operation waiting list and there was a spot open for him on the Wednesday. This lead to quickly organizing my dad to come and stay with us to look after BJ while we took Cam to hospital and for me to get time off work as Cam wanted both of us to be with him. It was a long, drawn out day of waiting 2 hours for Cam to go in and then 4 hours from start of the operation to going home.... As I said, a very long, day. You wouldn't think that waiting around a hospital waiting room for 6 hours could be so exhausting, but I was so tired, so I can only imagine how Cam felt.  Other than that, it's my dad's birthday tomorrow and we went out for dinner to celebrate and I made a cake... I know right! I am an awesome daughter! And today Wendy and I had a BFF date and went to Ikea and then to the movies... Now that's my idea of a perfect date! Most... Ok, ALL of these shots were taken with my phone and most of them I put on Instagram. If you maybe want to see more you can follow me HERE.

* Looking out my lounge room window * Breakfast * The tree's are starting to bud, Spring is coming!!! * The cafe at the hospital... Good coffee!! * The waiting room * My baby after the operation * Driving home * My awesome vanilla malteaser birthday cake * At the movies *

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