Monday, July 16, 2012

Twenty Twelve Catch Up...

Day 190 - Trying to find something interesting to take a photo of at work... This time it's the Chocolate shaker for the cappuccino's and hot chocolates!
Day 191 - This is the bridge that crosses over the river Angus in the park which is in the middle of Strathalbyn. Took this on on my way to work.
Day 192 - Day off and I had Cam, Bj, Ryan, Emily and Ella all at home with me... This is what the boys got up to!
Day 193 - We took the kids to see Ice Age 4 and after we went to Kmart to get the rest of Ben's birthday pressie but being me... I needed a coffee first and the nearest nice coffee was The Cookie man!
Day 194 - Had to do a few jobs and took Ella and Cam down the street with me....
Day 195 - Sometimes when you go out to buy cream with your BFF this is what follows you home!!
Day 196- Just colouring!

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