Friday, June 15, 2012

Show Us Your Life Home Tour - Living Room

I stumbled across a blog last weekend call Kelly's Korner and scrolling through all the different things on there it quickly became a blog that I was going to LOVE visiting. Kelly has a range of topics from Big Families and Working Mums to Special Needs Families and so much more. She has put all these things under one category and calls it "Show Us Your Life" because we get to share our lives with you and if you add your link to Kelly's blog you get to share with other new and interesting people as well!

One of the things Kelly does (and apparently she famous for) is "Home Tours" ...I LOVE home tours...Manly cause I am nosy and like to (and only if they want to share) see what other homes look like and as a bonus maybe get a few decorating ideas too. I am not saying I know anything at all about decorating in fact my taste maybe a little too plain...  BUT I know what I do like and that is no clutter. I wasn't always like that but I have moved 7 time in my life I have become what you call a minimalist when it comes to my home...Anyway.. This is my "Living Room".

This is the view you get when you come in from the front door... I want to replace the rocking chair and put a green bat winged chair there with a tall lamp and an ottoman so I can sit and read...

This the view when you turn to the right. See the big leather couch? That was one of the first things I bought when I started working again... Then came the green rug from IKEA and then the coffee and side table which I bought from Radio Rentals {which surprised me because we don't really go in there to buy anything!}. The blinds are called "Double View" and we had them installed late last year and got rid of the ready made, too short, Spotlight curtains....

This is our bookshelf that has way too many books in it..LOL!! Andy and I a big readers and we seem to have passed that onto Cam and BJ...

This is what I call my "Photo Gallery" I searched the internet for a pattern of frames I liked and then with all the frames I had in the house then comprising and playing around with them a bit finally camr to a design that worked. Andy and I took two hours to hang them and get them in the right place...Did he ever curse me that day...LOL!!

This is my lamp I bought from a store here in Strath... It is the most expensive lamp I have EVER bought... Shhhhh don't tell Andy!!

A better view of my "Photo Gallery"... I am still not sure what I want to go on the side table, it's a work in progress!!

My Birds... I got these from Lisa and Darrin for my 40th birthday last year and I LOVE them...

This picture, which I have had forever, reminds me of spring!! I would really love it if I could change the matting to green to match the rest of the room... It's a later job though!

I LOVE owls... This one is a Christmas present from my nieces and nephew ... And no, that's not a real plant... I kill real plants!!!

Our wedding picture... WOW, we look really young!! 19 years this year!

I found this bowl in a little shop in Penola {where my dad and sister live} called "Want". I fell in love with it and it was one of those things you have to have...LOL!.

So there you go.... This is my "Living Room". I still have many plans for it, but you know money can be a restricting thing ;0). Also, I don't want to just go out and buy things for the sake of it... I want to like/love what I buy for a long time!!!

I'm a little too late to join in on the party for this room...And maybe the kitchen tour as well, but I just thought for a bit of fun I would share... Maybe you might want to too!!

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