Sunday, November 27, 2011

Something A Little Different...

 Now that I have retired from being a KK Girl I thought that
I would take this opportunity to do a few different things with my blog.
I will still be making cards to share but I wanted to turn my blog into...
Well, about ME I suppose... I want to share with you what makes me me,
if that makes any sense.. I am in no means a expert and nor do I know
everything about photography BUT I do know I LOVE my phone apps,
especially my Instagram so I thought I would start off this new phase of
my blogging life by sharing with you my week through these 
shots.... And after that who knows!

On Tuesday this week my BFF Wendy and I went and saw
"Breaking Dawn". I know this isn't for everyone...But I love it!

...Of course being at Marion Shopping Center a little shopping
was done... My new shoes....

 On Friday I got my hair done... I usually have high lights put in
my hair but I asked my wonderful hairdresser Tracey if I could have
just one colour...I have NEVER had hair this dark before!

 And whats a Saturday afternoon without making these with
my gorgeous boys...

 I hope you had a wonderful weekend...

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