Sunday, October 30, 2011

This Weekend...

 My gorgeous sister Cindy asked us if we wanted to go to the annual
Penola Show with her and her family consisting of my two beautiful
nieces, Brooke and Ella and my very gorgeous nephew Ben...not 
forgetting my BIL Greg of course. Penola is the small town where she and
I grew up and where my dad and Cindy and her family still live. Cin 
actually asked us to join them a few years ago but as usual things (life)
always seem to get in the way but this year I was determined... Soooo I
thought it would be nice to share a few pictures from our time at the show...

Ella and Cindy

The Ferris Wheel

Ben and Cam on the Dodgem Cars

BJ, Ella and Cam on the Sky Diver

Cam on the Ali Barber (don't ask!)

Ella, Cindy, Ben and Cam 

Greg and Ben

Ella, Cam and BJ on the Ferris Wheel

We had an excellent weekend...

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