Tuesday, November 10, 2009

TTIC # 54 - The Raven

Hey everyone...I am sitting out this week's challenge due to "Family Stuff" which is code for Andy is away and I am spending time with the kids.... Anyway, the ravishing and really talented Rebecca has the floor for this weeks challenge...

"The Raven"

Hey Twerds and Twihards! Its me {Rebecca} bringing you this week’s challenge!

In New Moon, we really get to know more about the “pack” and some of the Quileute traditions. In Quileute legend, the Raven is the trickster figure in Quileute Indian culture. His name is pronounced similar to bah-yuck in Quileute. (I found that tidbit somewhere on the Internet!)

Raven is a shape changer, who could assume any form – human or animal. The Raven is a clever and generally benign figure who sometimes helps humankind, but he also has many character traits that are viewed negatively in Quileute culture (greed, laziness, arrogance, deceitfulness, and rudeness) and many traditional legends have to do with Raven misbehaving and getting into trouble because of it. The tricks sometimes backfire, but in the manner of great fables – they offered life lessons for the young and old.

Your challenge: make a project that celebrates the Raven or any other Quileute legend (google it if you need some ideas!)

Comment section: Tell me your favorite fable or about the “trickster” in your life!

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