Friday, October 23, 2009

Just Letting You Know...

Hey everyone!! I feel like crying...I would never thought a little piece of machinery could be sooooo important to me, but there you is.... and I am missing it...What am I talking about?? Well people the backlight on my laptop has died...:(
So that means that although all my stuff that is on my laptop is still there...I just can't see anything!!! And also means I need a whole new screen. My wonderful and beautiful friend Lisa has kindly lent me her laptop for today so I can tell you all what is going on, but can't read emails and I can't talk to anyone on messenger.... (you know when you have the feeling like something is missing and you feel naked...That's me at the moment LOL!!!).
My fantastic hubby is going to go and buy me a monitor today so hopefully by tonight I will be back to some sort of semblance of normal.....Ok, that's it.... So I hope to see you soon!
Bugger now there is NO excuse for doing the housework!!!

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