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TTIC # 35 - Renesmee.

This week's Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge is by the very gorgeous and talented Jacquie and is all about......


Warning!...If you haven't read Breaking Dawn there are spoilers ahead........

Today's challenge is taken from Breaking Dawn, we learn that Bella is pregnant and she makes it through the birth and we meet her and Edward's baby, Renesmee. She is amazingly talented, gorgeous and immediately becomes the focus of ALL the main characters in a individual way.
Renesmee is half vampire/half human, she has the gift of being able to transmit her thoughts through her touch. She grows fast and as we find out later in the book she will stop growing at 15 and she is immortal. We learn that Jacob has imprinted on her also. She shimmers in the sun, has her mother's brown eyes, Charlie's curly hair, likes blood over food, she learns at an amazingly fast pace and easily wins over anyone that comes near her. I love how she is so charismatic, I love her character!

"She's like nothing else in the world," he told me...Bella Swan, Breaking Dawn, pg. 428

"The stranger-child in Rosalie's arms had to be weeks, if not months, old....Her shiny bronze-colored hair fell in ringlets past her shoulders. Her chocolate brown eyes examined me with an interest that was not at all childlike: it was adult, aware and intelligent"....Bella Swan, Breaking Dawn, pg. 438

Challenge Portion: There are so many options for this challenge, you can focus on the relationship between Renesmee and Bella, Edward, Jacob, Charlie, Rosalie, Aro. You can think of her powers, or just her looks. Anything goes!!

Comment Portion: She has so much power over everyone right away, is there anything or anyone that has pulled you in so swiftly, a friend, a spouse? Do you know a sweet little girl like Nessie without the being half vampire of course. Tell us a little about it!

Ok, well this is actually a hard one for me.....Ok, I am so nervous about saying this out loud... Please don't yell at me, but I found the whole Renesmee thing....well, a little unbelievable. Ok, ok I can hear you now, but I'm allowed to have my opinion... Don't get me wrong I love the fact that Edward and Bella could have a child together and I think Steph did a great job in tying Jacob to her and all......but dude, what kind of name is Renesmee?

Anyway, I can hear you all abusing me from here so, I will tell you what I do love about Renesmee.....
I am delighted in the fact that she loved and quote "absolutely adores " Bella while still in womb. I love how she brings wolf and vampire together and how she loves her parents with a love that equals Edward and Bella's. I think it's really cool that Jacob imprinted on her (even though you could see that coming a mile away) and I love the fact she is a intelligent and caring, beautiful child...

So, with that out of the way (you can stop abusing me now) I decided to focus on Renesmee and Bella's relationship.... Particularly Renesmee's Christmas gift from Bella, her locket....Well more the inscription in the locket....

"More Than My Own Life"

This was it. Carefully, I loosened Renesmee's arms from my neck.
"You remember what I told you?"
Tears welled in her eyes, but she nodded. " I love You," she whispered.
Edward was watching us now, his topaz eyes wide. Jacob started at us from the corner of his big dark eye.
"I love you , too," I said and then I touched her locket.
"More than my own life." I kissed her forehead.
.......Bella Swan, Breaking Dawn, pg. 722

I found this cute little image by Willow at " deviant ART" This is Bella and Renesmee..... Anyway this what I came up with.......

I found a love heart embelishment in my stash and thought that might make a good representation of a locket.

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