Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Perpetual High...And Moments of Doubt!

After being on a perpetual high for the last few days I have finally calmed down enough to actually think "OMG! What have I got myself into? Am I in way over my head? What if I let these ladies down? What If what I come up with isn't what they want?"

...But I always do this..I always doubt myself and I wonder why? Why do I do this? The answer?.....Well, being on a design team, be it only a guest position is a thing I have always wanted to do but never had the guts to try...I have never thought my work really good enough. Oh yeah, sure, I owned a scrapbooking shop but I had two VERY talented friends to help me through and I always thought their stuff was better than mine anyway....

I do have all my friends telling me I am good at what I do but until recently I have never really believed them....And now this group of very talented, lovely ladies picked me BECAUSE of my work and that they believe that I can do this.... And for once I am starting to believe in myself too.

I didn't do this post so you would all say "Oh Donna, what the hell are you going on about of course you are good enough"....I posted it because I finally think I AM good enough and writing this and baring my soul so to speak helps me to get over this doubt that follows me around like a black cloud. So thank you for sitting through my rant and thank you to all those people that believe in me.....

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