Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Twilight Tuesday Challenge # 32

The challenge for this week’s Tuesday is “The Great Northwest.” If you have ever lived there you know what I mean. Maybe if you have only visited there you know what I mean. Maybe if you only heard about the filming of the movie you know what I mean. It is beautiful there. There is a reason for it’s beauty….all the rain!

So from the space needle to the forests. From the rain to the trees. From the lush green beauty of it all to the Olympic Peninsula. There are so many reasons to LOVE the great Northwest. Edward’s family chooses to live there. Bella feels she has to live there, and hated visiting as a child. Don’t forget the trips to Seattle, the coast, and into the forest. Have fun with this one!

Ummmm where to start?!
I did checkout the Fork's website and La Push when I first read "Twilight" because I wanted to see what Steph was seeing in her head when she was writing, but I never imagined how very beautiful it really was until I saw the movie...

Don't get me wrong, Australia has many beautiful places here as well but because of "Twilight" Washington State will always have a special place in my heart... Rain and all!

For this weeks challenge at Twilight Tuesday is by the very talented Eve (checkout her blog it's fantastic!) I based it on Edward and Bella's tree...

Love this scene.....

So here is my card.

Of course I had to use my favourite colors of green and brown,
and my friend Sharon let me borrow her Stampin' Up! "Lovely as a Tree" stamp set last Friday...wasn't that really lucky...might have to buy my own now LOL!

Hope you like....
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