Wednesday, May 13, 2009

TTIC 31 - Graduation

One of my most favorite scenes in the movie occurs when Edward is showing his home to Bella for the first time. As they go up the stairs, they pass a huge frame full of graduation caps.

Bella asks “Graduation caps?” and Edward replies “Private joke. We matriculate a lot“.

Craft portion: Create a project suitable to give as a graduation gift!

Comment portion: Reminisce about your graduation … or an upcoming graduation for someone in your life.

This weeks theme was set by Rebecca at Twilight Tuesday ...... and well, CRAP! We don't do the graduation thing in Australia!! OMG I LOVE these challenges!

So, anyway I really don't know what you give for a graduation present...Car maybe or have I been watching to many American movies?! So I decided to do another canvas......

And a matching card......

As for my graduation story...I don't have one! But I did have a great year 12 and I passed which is what counts......right?!
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