Friday, March 13, 2009

I Hate Running......Or Do I ?

For those who don't know, I get up at an ridiculous early hour (5.30am) to go for my morning walk. There are several very valid reasons for this early start, one being, that I am happy to be up at this time and in summer and when you have 40 degree days it's a pleasant alternative to sweating you face off....Anyway, back to the point.... I was fat, no, I was overweight. I wasn't what you call obese but I had a serious " muffin top thing" happening and to be perfectly honest I had been unhappy about the way I looked for a very long time.
So when we moved to Strathalbyn and I found that I had all this spare time on my hands I started to walk. I didn't intentionally mean to go and loose weight, just one day, I started to walk and then started to make better eating choices. I had up to that point in my life been very afraid to get on the scales and when I finally made myself do it I was dismayed at how I had let myself get to this.... I was 76 kgs. I actually think I was heavier before I left Naracoorte but lost it just before we moved.
So, to cut a long story short, I kept walking and making the time I was walking longer and longer and to my surprise the weight started to come off it took me 6 months but I lost 15kgs! I was very happy when the day finally came and I reached my goal weight. Now comes the hard bit....maintaining it!
I HATE running! I don't run, I walk very fast......but I don't run..... I do now! It was one morning about 4 weeks ago I was out for my walk when the garbage truck decided to go where I wanted to go and I thought I would just run across the road and get out of his way..... Well I kept running all the way down to the end of the street thinking to myself "well this isn't as bad as I thought, maybe I should do this again tomorrow morning" and I did.
I did my PB (personal best) on Tuesday. I ran further than I have ever run before and the feeling of achieving that was.....well FANTASTIC!! (I even did a little victory dance when I finished, another reason why I get up so early, nobody can see you do victory dances!!). Am I a runner now?? I really didn't think I would enjoy it, I mean, it hurts!! It's hard work, but I tell you what, I am loving every minute of it.... I guess you could say, YES, I love running!
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