Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Much to do about nothing!

Hey Everyone,
I'm afraid I haven't really had much to blog about recently, not because nothing is happening in my life, just that I didn't see it important enough to tell everyone about it! I hope that makes sense....

Anyway, I thought I would just ramble on and if you like...... just skip the bits that are non- relevant to you! This is one weird post all ready!!
Well the boys are back at school and have both settled well back into a routine. Cam has the same teacher he had last year ( still working out how I feel about that) and seems to like her a lot ( at least one of us does). His best friend Patrick is in the same class again so that makes life a little more pleasant for the little dude.... Can't really call him little anymore he is 9!!

BJ is turning 11 on the 9th of this month ( I still can't believe I am the mother of a 11 year old! and while I'm at it where did the hell did January go????). We are just having a family thing at home which will be nice because parties always stress me out and it Cameron's turn this year anyway!

I had a girly day last weekend....My friend Wendy and I went shopping on Saturday and then Sue, Wendy and I went out to dinner in the city.... Then we found a little cocktail bar and drank cocktails all night..... and NO I didn't get drunk I paced myself well and enjoyed the evening! Also it was REALLY nice not to here the word "mum" for at least 24hrs!

I am getting new glasses very soon..... not that I wear them all that often but I think it has been at least 5 years since I got new ones......You know the story everyone else comes first! I HAVE to make a doctors appointment and get the boys into the dentist, never ends does it?

Andy has gone away this week so I am by myself, which if I am truthful I don't mind. I do love the fact that he works from home and that he is around to help out with the boys but it's nice to have some personal space as well!

Oh! Oh! Oh! and yes we are now debt free!!! Except for the mortgage....Andy got a bonus from work and I got my tax cheque back, so now Andy's dad is paid off and we have no money owing on the credit cards!!!! We splurged and bought the family a new wide screen TV, 40 inch! So now I can watch Twilight on a big screen! Ya!

Well that's about it.... very mundane I know but sometimes that's life!

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