Monday, December 15, 2008

I Think I Have a Problem....

..... No really, I thought that after seeing the movie on the big screen I could actually move on from this obsession that has grown over the last few months....from that very first sentence in "Twilight"......It has only gotten worse!!! And yes people! Susy and I went back the next day and watched it again! Once was not enough...Actually I don't know if twice is going to be enough! Anyway, now I have to start waiting all over again as the next movie comes out about the same time next year.... OMG I am SAD!!!!
But on the up side Susy and I had a fantastic time....It was great to spend time with her and to catch up and laugh and giggled at ourselves! Thanks for driving all that way to watch Twilight with me made it even better that you were there with me!

We bribed Cam with popcorn and the video games to take our photo! Not that he need much encouragement he loves taking photo's....just not of his sadly obsessed mum and Susy!


I stole this photo from Susy's blog.....she made me PRETEND to touch Rob's arse!
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