Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The White Elephant....

Anyone that knows Andrew and my history knows about the "White Elephant" the bane of my existence..... The Torana. I don't hate the thing as much as I used to, in fact I am quite proud of what Andrew has done in fixing her up (not that I will ever admit that to him), but still she is the thorn in my side, she is my competition!

Anyway the story goes..... I was pregnant with BJ and as I was giving up work for awhile we needed a bit of cash to set up the nursery and the for the usual things when you are expecting your first.... So Andrew decided and talked me into selling my beautiful little Ford Festiva and buying a little bomb that he could drive to work in and I quote "It won't cost much and it's just to get me from A to B".

Well thanks to his brother (Leon) who is a mechanic he found what he wanted and I got the money for the nursery and all was well...until Leon said "Oh Andy, I have found a new motor, Oh Andy, I have found a new gear box, Oh Andy, let's spray paint it and it needs body work, Oh Andy I have found....well you get the general idea. So this car was starting to take up all his spare time and all the spare money, well lets face it, and I hate to admit it but I was starting to get jealous of a stupid car. So a lot...I can't tell you the exact amount because he won't tell me but let's just say a lot of money later and a lot of complaining from me as only a jealous wife can do...here we are 10 years down the track.....

He loves this car and since we moved up here it has been sitting in storage on his dads farm in Naracoorte. Last week he bought it home and he's just soooooo happy! It's like a family member has returned after a long trip. Look, he even let me take his photo. Well, welcome back "White Elephant" here's hoping we can co-exist together.
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