Saturday, September 13, 2008

I Have Been Inspired...

by my good friend Anne Elizabeth who recently re decorated her little girls room.....We have lived in this house for almost two years now and ever since we moved in I have had grand plans but not much money and little inspiration and motivation to attempt to do anything. So taking in account Andrew's very plain and dull idea's on decorating and then my NEED to make things how I would like them I have decided to take the bull (Andrew) by the horns so to speak and do things my way...... I swear not to freak out Andrew too much!
Anyway I thought I would do this gently and do one room at a time starting with the bedroom... IDEA'S guys....I need IDEA'S..... I know I am painting the back wall, but what colour? I know I want something but not to dramatic because I don't want to give Andrew nightmares!!
I want to change the curtains...I HATE them....and then there is the bedding, I have had this cover forever and would like a change! I need HELP guys any idea's would be most grateful just keep in mind....I have to be gentle!

I want to replace the mirror with a small comfy chair ( Andy has a habit of hanging his clothes all over the mirror and it really annoys me). Andrew agreed that the mirror could go on the back of the door although he doesn't know about the chair idea yet!

The jewelry box is a gift from my mum... The wooden manikin is from my sister which I absolutely love so those two thing stay...but I'm willing for any idea's here.......

This a small canvas that my friend Bren gave me....I really love it but it could probably go somewhere else....What do you think?

Sorry about the fuzzy picture....Andrew and I got these photo's done before the kids were born. I don't really have anywhere else to hang it has stayed in the bed room.

To your left is the en suit.... Middle door is my very small walk-in-robe....and then the door to the bed room.
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