Monday, September 8, 2008

Two things to Celebrate....

Cam's 9th birthday and Father's Day.... Cam who has had a birthday party for every year of his life wasn't getting one this year (I am sooooo over birthday parties) so I said that he could have a friend to sleep over this year and that they could do whatever they wanted. Well Cam invited Paddy ( no surprise there) and they wanted to play PlayStation to their hearts content....Well I thought to myself that way easier than having a party...let's do it!

Cam wanted a white mud cake so again I took the easy option and and made him a packet one. Yeah I know it doesn't look to flash but they seemed to like it, and it didn't taste to bad either!

The two ratbags.......

And this is what they did ALL night..... Cam's in Heaven!

And this is my gorgeous husband Andrew......Who won't let me take a picture of him (very frustrating) Happy Father's Day Honey...Love You!
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