Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Sad Day...

Today is a very sad day....We have to put down our cat Azzie. She is sick but the vet can't find what's wrong with her.....I'm sorry, I know she is just a cat but I am... finding this very hard to write.

We (Andy and I) have had her for 15 year's..... so she is 73 according to the vet. I rescued her from being squashed when she was a kitten and took her home. Azreal (we call her Azzie) is named after the cat from the smurfs (you know the cute little blue guys) the cat that used to chase them.....

Anyway we don't want her to suffer...she is weak and hasn't eaten in days so we thought that this might be the best thing.

Goodbye Azzie Cat....I love You.
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