Friday, August 8, 2008

"Ted E Bear's Farewell Tour"

David Strassman and Ted E Bear....

The Oxford in North Adelaide.

Wendy and Sue.....oh and Ted E Bear.

A night very first!

Last night Sue, Barry, Wendy, James, Andrew and I went to see David Strassman at the Play House (next to the Festival Theatre).

As you all know having a night out for us is a tad difficult.....So after juggling children, which I am happy to say wasn't that hard ("thank you" Michele, Steve, Kaye, Grant and Thomas) and Sue organising ( because let's face it that's what Sue does) we all had a nice dinner at Primo Cafe....bit like Faster Pasta, and a good laugh and a giggle with David, Ted E and of course Chuck.....and I'm not suppose to say this but....Oh hold on, I better start at the beginning...The show is called "Ted E Bear's Farewell Tour" only Ted doesn't leave after all!! Ya....I love that little bear.....anyway David Strassman asked us not to mention the ending of the show (yer, like that's going to happen) and said it's about the journey not the outcome! Anyway we all had a great time and then went for coffee at one of the many cafes in North Adelaide.

I took my camera to the show but I wasn't allowed to take any photo's so you got night shot's instead.... It was my first go at taking night time shot's . I hope they aren't too dark.
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