Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Toy!

I am sooooo excited. I got my new camera today and I just wanted to share!

It is the same model as Susy's so I know I've got a good thing..... I kept it under $1,000 with a lens and memory card and I got a free camera bag!

Just wanted to say " thank you" to Susy and Tan for all the advice they gave me when I was deciding what to get...and then to say" thank you" to Sue and Wendy for brow beating the sales girl down to a good price!

And no Susy and Tan...... I didn't rob a bank!


susy said...

Ohhh, a new baby, how exciting (or am I the only one who treats my camera better that my kids,lol)
You are going to have sooo much fun. It's actually a couple of models newer than mine so I'm extrememly jealous. If you want a really good book to learn to shoot manual try Bryan Peterson's understanding exposure, it explains the whole number triangle of apeture, shutter speed and iso really well.
Have fun and enjoy.

Sandie said...

MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm. How nice!!!!!!

Anne Elizabeth said...

How exciting!!!! I love photography! I had to sell my camera back in Novemeber. Hopefully I will get an even better one someday. I can't wait to see all the pictures you are going to take:)

Katrina said...

Oh, no fair!!! I want I want I want! I'm coming with Cindy next time she visits just so I can have a play with your camera! Do I dare ask how much it cost? Maybe I should just start asking people to give me money for Christmas (hey Mummy, there's something I really really want - do you think that still works at my age? Nah, didn't think so)
Have fun with it and all the extra bits that go with it

Anonymous said...

Well well well, you are just going to be too organized now. I can't remember to put my snap camera in my bag. Maybe I should have took up your offer of your old camera. If I can see it I wouldn't forget it! Happy snapping xxx

Melody said...

I would sooo love a camera like that. You are so lucky. :)

mindi said...

I love Canon - can't wait to see the pics!
And I love your blog design. It's awesome!!

Anne Elizabeth said...

Donna- Stop by when you get a chance:) I have something for you!

Anonymous said...

I think I'm in love! hahaha well, maybe a bit jealous! I want a big girl camera too! I have a manual rebel... Hugs and I can't wait to see more Donna pics.