Monday, July 21, 2008

Mount Lofty

Who said the Adelaide Hills are not pretty!

My Boys...

Andy and BJ

It's cooooold mum!

View over Adelaide...

Last week, during the school holidays Andy and I took the boys up to Mt Lofty.

BJ (who gets to go everywhere with his school) is the only one of us who has been up to the top in... I don't know how long...and then there is Cam who has never been at all. Cam asks every time we drive into the city "What are those 3 towers for?" and "What's up there?" . So we decided to make a quick detour on the way home last Monday after a day of shopping (whole other story there!) and have a look.

Now, for those of you that live in Adelaide, you will remember that it wasn't such a pleasant day last Monday and let me tell you it wasn't really that crash hot up on top....couldn't see was just so foggy that we couldn't see 2 feet in front of us and we had a very disappointed little boy on our hands so we promised we would take him back up later on in the week.

So, back we went on Wednesday when the weather was going to cooperate.....OMG never again. Please let me explain. The view was beautiful, fantastic and well worth the effort of seeing. But then you have the bush walks.......and I will say again OMG.

My wonderful, strong and adventurous husband said to me "Look hon, a walking track, it's cold why don't you wait in the car and I will take the boy's for a quick walk" and then me, not wanting to be left out and who goes walking almost everyday said "No that's ok, I'll come with, I might get some good shots with the camera" (famous last words) thinking nothing about the track itself......They should have warning signs I am telling you! It was all good going down but coming back up!!!!!.....I though I was at least a little bit fit, but I tell you it was really tough. So take this as a warning if you are going to do the bush walks on Mt Lofty wear sneakers and comfy clothes and be prepared for the workout of you life!

I can hear you now...Come on, Don, don't exaggerate, but if you don't believe me go see for yourself!


Anonymous said...

The boys do look cold but I do remember Cam saying to me last week 'kids stay warmer that adults Aunty Cindy' so I would have been frozen. Lovely view, better than we had taking the log way home at night when we were up last. I wish Greg would go the wrong way during the day so we could see whats around Adelaide (not in the city though - just want to get where we are going).

Anne Elizabeth said...

It is a beautiful view! The boys do look really cold. It is so hot here its hard to believe there are places that are so cold this time of year. It was 100 degrees over the weekend.

susy said...

But wasn't it worth the photos ;-)

It must be the week for climbing, I did mt Mitre in heels no less. Was the same, not wanting to be left out, so there's me hopping like a mountain goat up the side of a mountain in boots with heels,not so bad until it was time to come back down and my centre of balance was way off, it must have been quite a site, Bren giggled anyway at me walking down sideways, but at least I didn't fall..

Rachel's Journal Pages said...

I love Mt Lofty! I didn't realise that there was lots of walking tracks around it - never bothered to look before. Looks like a great day out with all the boys!

Melody said...

I think I would have stayed in the car and taken a nap. :) That sounds like too much work for me.