Sunday, July 27, 2008


Andrew and I went to his "Christmas in July" work dinner last night. It's so rare that we get to go to dinner without children and his work functions are fun to go to, so I was really looking forward to it.......

There were so many new faces there and then I was introduced to one of Andrew's work mates wives, Jane.

Jane is a teacher and her main role is working with "Special Needs Children" you know the Autistic, Down Syndrome etc etc. I had only meet this very lovely lady and 5 mins into our conversation we were discussing BJ and Autism and the children that she had worked with until recently, then out of the blue she said to me "You must be very special parents to do what you do" and I of course said "No, we do what we have to and take it day by day" then she said to me " Of course you do but I have seen it...I believe that people like you are given these children because you can cope." Cope, now there's a word.... is that what we do? I just thought what we did every day was lived, Andy and I don't question what we have to deal with we just get on with it and try to do the best we can.... To tell the truth, I would give up everything I own to have BJ "normal" to make his life that little bit easier. To not have to worry about what will happen to him when he grows up, to see him finish high school, to watch him drive a car, to see him get married and give me beautiful grandchildren to spoil and then not have to give the burden of looking after him to his brother when Andrew and I have gone....But that is never going to happen.... a wish that will never come true.

I am one of those mum's that doesn't let AUTISM consume my life. I can't because it would depress me to no end...So I scrapbook, and take photo's and have great supportive friends who because they love me love my son. I am so very lucky and when I am having a bad day ( which to be perfectly honest doesn't happen that often) and I get the "why me's" I think of all those wonderful parents who are sometimes so worse off than we are, that have to deal with things that I could only imagine and how they "cope" and I thank God for giving me this bright, smart, energetic, beautiful boy....He's mine and I love him.
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