Friday, November 8, 2013


Loving: I am really enjoying Cam at the moment. I loved the kids when they were young but I am really loving their company right now.

Reading: I am currently reading Diana Gabaldon's "An Echo in the Bone" at the moment. I have read this book already but Diana is releasing her latest book in the Jamie and Claire "Cross Stitch" saga, "My Own Hearts Blood" next March and I thought I would familiarize myself again with the last book... It will probably take me that long to read it... Ok, maybe not, but I thought that a re-read is always a good idea incase I have forgotten anything... Which I have..LOL!  I fell in love with these books about 8 years ago, currently there are 7 books in the series and I don't think that the 8th will be the last. 

Eating:  I think I have said this already... Too much chocolate! I have no will power. If you have any advice on will power and how I can access it... Please let me know!

Drinking: I can't go pass a Very Vanilla Latte from Gloria Jeans.

Anticipating: Only one month till Bon Jovi come to town! 

Watching: Season 3 of Heart Of Dixie. Seriously, if you need to watch this funny, light hearted and amazing show!

Planning: To get new sunglasses. This is not as easy as you would think. 1. I need prescription glasses 2. I need to find time to get to the city and 3. I also need someone OTHER than Andy with me cause he sucks at helping me pick some out!

Need to Finish: I need to finish painting the molding around the doors of the master bedroom and THAT is taking me forever... I seem to keep running out of time!


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