Sunday, November 3, 2013

Around Here Lately...

We had a pretty quite week in the Wardle household... It was the weekend that killed us! We went down to Penola to stay with my dad Friday/Saturday night, Andy had a track day at Mac Park on Saturday and Saturday night it was my BIL and SIL combined 40th birthday party. Unfortunately I came down with a migraine that night and poor Andy had to go on his own... The upside of Saturday was while Andy was enjoying his track day I got to spend the day with my sister. But the most exciting thing for the boys was the Penola Show and fireworks Friday night!

* Roses outside the study window * Cookies for school lunches *
* The show * Fireworks * Some of the local wineries basking in the beautiful
spring weather *

Some of these shots were taken with my Cannon and some with my iPhone 5 and most of them I put on Instagram. If you maybe want to see more you can follow me HERE.
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