Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sydney... Day One.

Up at 4am to catch our 7am flight to Sydney wasn't as hard as I thought for the boys. Cam was so excited and BJ was.... Well, I think ambivalent would be the best way to describe how he felt about the whole thing. We checked in, had a coffee and had about 15 minutes till we bordered. Considering this was BJ's first time on an airplane he took it all in his stride. He was flapping like mad when we took off and you couldn't wipe the grin from his face. I think he now considers himself to be a seasoned flyer. 

After a 1 hour 55mins flight we arrived in Sydney and took a shuttle bus to our hotel and checked in, although we couldn't go to our room till after 2pm, we left the bags and decided to wander... It was the Labor Day public holiday in Sydney as well as in Adelaide and to our delight where we were staying, The Oaks Goldsbrough, it was just a 5 min walk to Darling Harbor. And lucky for us, Sydney was celebrating  The International Fleet Review all week. For those that don't know The Fleet Review was held to commemorate the centenary of the first entry of the Royal Australian Navy's Fleet into Sydney. On 4 October 1913 the flagship, HMAS Australia, led the new Australian Fleet Unit comprising HMA Ships Melbourne, Sydney, Encounter, Warrego, Parramatta and Yarra into Sydney Harbour for the first time. This was a moment of great national pride and importance, one recognised as a key indicator of Australia's progress towards national maturity. So ships, crowds, exploring and sunshine.... That was our first day...

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