Sunday, September 1, 2013

Around Here Lately...

This week, Andy went to Sydney for a training conference thingy and was gone from Monday to Thursday night. I painted. Cam stayed home all week as his was still having trouble focusing on things. I worked. We found out BJ is really good a maths and is very competitive when it comes to winning. I hate Candy Crush... No, not really, I hate that I am addicted to Candy Crush!

* Andy packing for Sydney * A rainy sky * My new canvas * 
* A gorgeous sunrise * Flowers from a customer * The power went out for 5 hours
Thursday night * Spring is here!!! Ya!!! * More DIY... My new coffee table made 
from Cam's old toy box * Happy Father's Day * A view from the freeway of the
 Adelaide Hills *

Some of these shots were taken with my Cannon and some with my iPhone and most of them I put on Instagram. If you maybe want to see more you can follow me HERE.

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bluebirds of happiness said...

What a great collection of shots! That Father' s Day card is too funny, and I just deleted Candy Crush, it was getting ridiculous :-)