Sunday, August 4, 2013

Around Here Lately...

This week was full of catching up around the house... You know, that boring stuff called housework! I finished a few other DIY things I had on the go as well, which I will share with you later.. Cameron went away on camp from Monday to Wednesday and came home exhausted and tired which always makes for a fun teenager! He had a really fun time though and that's what counts..huh?! I got spoiled and Andy took me out for lunch on Friday afternoon and we spent most of the weekend with Wendy and James and the kids... Which is always a bonus!

* A rainbow, which was huge and covered most of the sky * I had a Twilight fix on
my day off this week when I should have been making cards * Waking up to a
rainy day * Wheelbarrow full of flowers * Outside the High Street nursery * 
* Condensation on the window * Coffee with Wendy and James *A photo shoot
 gone wrong of the boys... But lots fun *

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