Sunday, July 14, 2013

Around Here Lately...

This week was the first of the winter school holidays. I am afraid we didn't really do much because both Andy and I had to work so hopefully next week we might do a bit more with the boys... Is it wrong that I feel extremely guilty when this happens?... This week we booked our holiday to Sydney finally! Cameron got his report card and finally gave me my A. I went to Bingo for the first time ever... And won! And that was about it. Bit boring but hey... There's always next week!

* My sewing machine... Is it sad that I just use it to sew on cards? * 
* My card for my Annabelle Stamps challenge this week * Frosty morning *
* Make for a beautiful day * Picking out paint colours * Sunset * 
* New DIY project * Bingo anyone?! * My desk *


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Marcia @ Pretty Things said...

You must be on the same school holiday weeks as us here in the West - this is mine and the Princess' week to get out and about. Loving seeing your week in photos!