Sunday, June 2, 2013

Around Here Lately...

This week has been to say the least a little hectic for me. My hours at work have increased, well for the next two weeks anyway while Jill is away. This week I just seemed to run out of time no matter where I turned and it felt like I was literary turning around in circles... lol! On the plus side, the extra money {which is really appreciated} will come in handy for our holiday to Sydney in October {note to self: Must book that!!!} and for my kitchen reno... whenever that's going happen.. I don't know but I'm determined it will! The highlights for me this week, I started a new painting. This one will take me a tad longer to finish than the other one as I am putting a lot more detail.... And that was about it! That's dismal to say the least!! But any-who... We all can't live rock star lives. This is my week that was....

* Starting my new painting, this one is of poppies * Stormy weather for most of the week *
With Winter officially here I changed from cereal to porridge for my breakfast {this
is really fascinating stuff I know!!} * Driving home from work in the rain, naughty
 I know * 1st day of June = 1st day of Winter * Thought that this might be a better way to
 store my paint brushes * Making muffins for the boys lunches * And trying to get
 ahead of my DT work for this week *


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