Sunday, June 23, 2013

Around Here Lately...

This week has been really good. I am nearly back in my routine, I even got some of my painting done and started my very first DIY project! Andy has been sick with the flu all this week and didn't go away. I caught up with a good friend for coffee, and didn't fall behind in my DT work...ya! There was only one sad bit of the week, our neighbor behind us chopped down all the lovely trees along our back fence. It was a matter of him having too before they fell down, but I miss the trees and the privacy... Cam had his long awaited optometrist appointment this week for his lazy eye and is now scheduled for his operation to straighten it on the 16th of next month...Yes, he's a tad nervous, but it's what he wants ...This was my week.

  * A little bit of green in the house * My painting starting to come together *
* Cameron playing with my iPhone while reading Harry Potter
* Yummy complementary pancakes at Primo * Sunrise #1 * High Street in the
afternoon sun * Before and After of the backyard * Sunrise #2
* Rundle Mall on a Friday afternoon * My first DIY project *


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