Sunday, June 9, 2013

Around Here Lately...

This week I lived at work... No, I mean it. It literary felt like it was all I did... Don't get me wrong, I enjoy working at the bakery and interacting with people. Working with Jayne, Jill and Kelsey is always good value and fun and I am getting payed for it but.... I am just not used to working every single day!! {yes, I know, thousands of people do it all the time and I should stop complaining!} Plus, Andy was away from Sunday afternoon till Wednesday night and I have had no time to myself AND my cards sucked this week... There, rant over! Now I will suck it up and get on with it! The highlight of my week was the pleasant surprise of my little sister taking me to see Jesus Christ Superstar AND out to dinner, that part was really was wonderful... Cam got a B on his English assignment which made me very happy... Nothing broke and I didn't get any painting done but.... All in all it wasn't a bad horrific kind of week just a bit frustrating... Maybe next week will be better!

* The only card I made for Tiddly Inks this week, this one didn't suck as much as the other ones... *
With Andy away it's always a 6am wake up call so I get to see gorgeous sunrises * On the down side of Andy being away, I usually don't get much sleep so waking up at 4am is not an unusual thing *  Waiting for Cam to come out of school.... Coffee is my friend!!! * Cindy and me just before we left to go watch the show * Lasagna * Cameron and me at the Night Glow * My handsome hubby * The Night Glow *


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