Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekly Catch Up...

Day 111.
Saturday 21st April:

 Day 112.
Sunday 22nd April:

Day 113.
Monday 23rd April:

 Day 114.
Tuesday 24th April:

 Day 115.
Wednesday 25th April:

 Day 116.
Thursday 26th April:

 Day 117.
Friday 27th April:

 Day 118.
Saturday 28th April

 Day 119.
Sunday 29th April:

Saturday: Andy helped me put up my "Wall Art".

Sunday: I did some more work on My Project Life.

Monday: I took this photo of the rotunda in the park when I was
on my way to work...

Tuesday: This is "Refresh". It's where I put myself through pain once a month
 to look good and less hairy!... "Oh vanity, Donna is thy name" LOL!

Wednesday: Today is ANZAC Day. It is the day we honor those who have
and continue to serve our country A very special day for all Australians and
New Zealanders.

Thursday: Today we took BJ into the city for a pediatrician appointment
with Dr Tidemann. This is a shot of the flower statue that is in the park
across from the Woman's and Children's Hospital.

Friday: I thought the roses look very pretty today...

Saturday: Struggled to find something to take a photo of today...So I 
took one of more flowers.

Sunday: Today Wendy (my BFF) and I went to Marion for some girly
shopping/coffee'ing time... We don't get to do this much anymore so it's
a treat when we can! 

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