Saturday, April 21, 2012

Weekly Catch Up...

 I have decided to do things a little bit different regarding
posting my daily photo's on my blog and post them on a
Saturday morning calling it my "Weekly Catch Up". So 
here goes...

Day 104.
Saturday 14th April:

 Day 105.
Sunday 15th April:

 Day 106.
Monday 16th April:

 Day 107.
Tuesday 17th April:

 Day 108.
Wednesday 18th April

 Day 109.
Thursday 19th April:

Day 110.
Friday 20th April:

Saturday: Andy and I went for a morning ride on the new Hyabussa

Sunday: Then we went to Cape Jervois on the motorbike...And yes,
I did have a sore bum and yes, I did spend a fantastic weekend with
my gorgeous hubby... 

Monday: I received some "Happy Mail" more papers to use on my
Project Life.

Tuesday: We took the boys to the movies to see The Lorax. It was 
fantastic... BJ especially loved it!!

Wednesday: Walking past the park going to work...

Thursday: Early morning Autumn morning... Autumn and Spring
are my favourite seasons...

Friday: Andy and I woke up to a sound we hadn't heard in a long time,
a hot air balloon flying over our house!! Those things are pretty noisy!!

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