Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Project Life... Week One!

 Ok, so you have probably heard me going on about my
Project Life Album by Becky Higgins. This is an album
that you can document and record either your daily photo's
or you can document it monthly...Whatever way you choose!
 There is no right or wrong way. Since my friend Kellie Winnell
 first posted about her album I have been "chomping at the
 bit" you could say to get started on my own... Unfortunately 
these albums are VERY popular and the waiting time for more
and new albums was about two months, but a few weeks ago
mine turned up!!! So today I thought I would share my first
two pages...

 Page 1.

As you can see I have chosen to do a daily photo album which also
ties in with my Twenty Twelve in Photo's FB group.

 Page 2.

 I am also adding some Random Facts about our family throughout
the album and photo's that I have taken on the day that didn't make
it to my Twenty Twelve Photo's...

 Here are just some of my favourite bits of the pages...

 It took me a solid day of crafting to get the pages finished and I
must admit I changed a few things that I had already done... That
bit I can't help cause I am a perfectionist when it comes to stuff
like this... But I am actually pretty happy about how they turned out!
Now on to week 2!!

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