Wednesday, February 8, 2012

SMASH*ing The Day Away... Me!

 As I am starting to settle in to the new year, which by the way, is going 
too fast, one of the many things I wanted to do this year was try new and
different things. I want to go on an overseas holiday, well that's all booked
I just have to wait till August. I want to redecorate the house... That takes
money and time... but I have BIG ideas! I want to learn more about 
photography and take some chances and not be afraid to mess it up.
I want to paint and scrapbook, which has fallen by the wayside these last
few years, cause I really miss that side of expressing myself...I want to
enjoy life with my husband and kids and do stuff more as a family because 
all too soon the kids will have their own lives and want to live them...  So
where do I start?

 My friend Kellie Winnell from "Give a Girl a Blog" has introduced
me to a lot of new and interesting things. For example Instagram and
Project Life just to name a few, she also has introduced me to 
SMASH* booking! Kellie has also started a SMASH*aholics FB
 page for those of you that might me interested in checking out HERE.

 I was SO nerves when my lovely green SMASH* book arrived in the
mail.. I mean, I was really clueless, what was I supposed to do with
all these pages? After visiting a few blogs and reading a few things about
SMASH*booking I decided to pick a theme and go from there.. What was
the easiest theme I could think of? Well... ME!! So here are my first two

I stamped the ME on with paint...


 I have already done another few pages but I will show you them a bit later.
So there you go... Some thing very different for me. I said to the girls on the
SMASH*aholics FB page that I might have over thought this page while
I was doing creating it, but now that I have had a chance to sit back and look
at it I think not....This is just my style of doing things!

Kellie, if your reading this I "borrowed" your SMASH* header idea, I hope
you don't mind.. If you do let me know and I will take it down... Xx

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