Friday, January 6, 2012

Day Six...

Day Six

 Ok, to cut a long story short, Andy and I are planning to go on
holiday to Vanuatu in August this year. So when we were out yesterday
shopping for school stuff we decided we might as well look at buying
some new luggage. We were fortunate with the New Year sales
going on at the moment and bought 2 cases for the price of one..Ya!

My only dilemma was "Where was I going to put the darn things?'
The only place logical was in our walk in robe, but to do that I would
need to do some "spring" cleaning and declutter some of the stuff that
has been sitting up there for the last 6 years... So, I sort of suggested to
my darling adorable husband that while I was doing this and because
it would be empty that he paint the WIR since it was on our list of
things to do after we painted the whole house last year
... hence the photo!

 My wonderful hubby painting the WIR.

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