Tuesday, December 8, 2009

TTIC # 57 - Celebrating!

So it's Tuesday...and already I am exhausted and can't wait for the weekend.
...Ummmm, maybe not?! That's looking like it's going to very busy as well!! LOL!

But let's just focus on today shall we!
It's time for another

Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge

This week the very drop-dead gorgeous and delightful


(Oh and Happy Birthday for the 10th Honey)
Has chosen this weeks challenge:

Margie writes:

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m still celebrating the release of New Moon!

And with my b’day in just a few days! I’m in the mood to keep on celebrating in every way possible!

… sigh… wouldn’t it be nice to receive a handsome vampire as a gift? ;)

This week’s Challenge is to create a “Celebrating” project for the vampire-lover in your life! You can choose any holiday or event i.e. birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s, etc.

Have a ton of fun with this one!

Comment portion: There’s no denying that we all have wish lists! Especially with the holidays upon us! Some lists are a little more practical than others… What’s on your “not-so-practical” wish list??? Please share!!!

I know some of you think I piked out of last weeks challenge...
I did have good reasons thought!! Really!
Anyway... I thought for this week, because Margie wanted to keep celebrating, that I would actually finish the layout...
Yes, you can all get off the floor now...
Donna has willingly done a layout!!
Actually, to tell the truth I did feel very guilty about last week...
And the TTIC DT has come up with some amazing projects...
So this is for you Ali!!
Ok...I didn't mind doing it, but you are never going to get me to actually love layouts...LOL!!

I really don't know if all this works...
I used October Afternoon's Apple DP for obvious reasons
and just went from there.
Of course, I layed everything and distressed the crap out of it!!

Just a bit of a close up...

Now I know that our fabulous Design Team have been
busy creating magical masterpieces so why don't you check them out as well....

Alison ~ Dani ~ Erica ~ Jen

Margie ~ Rebecca ~ Tonya

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we would like you to follow:

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Proud Mum about to brag!

Cam had his very first Karate grading on Sunday.
Going from a White belt to Blue!!
I just thought I would share...

We are so proud of him!
He was focused and did all the right things!!
Well done Sweetie!!

Ok, I'm done!

Lots Of Twilight Love


Scraperlicious Scrappers said...

Hi Don !!
Firstly ... CONGRATS to Cam for getting his blue belt. My niece did Karate when she was younger & loved it and did very well at it too. It's nice to see them bloom & grow & to be so proud of their acheivements.
Secondly ... love the layout!!! You may never 'love' doing them but you are good at them !!
Cheers for now xxxxx

Scraperlicious Scrappers said...

Oops .. that's me Don, still signed in under scrappers lol

Scraperlicious Scrappers said...

double oops .... hogging ALL the comment space lol that 'me' being SANDIE !!!! ha ha

Tonya Klar said...

I agree with Sandie, first thing is first...congrats to Cam!!! Very exciting! You don't do layouts? You sound like me!!! Your layout definitely WORKED, and worked and worked. You did an amazing job on it. I'm sure Ali will be super proud!! Love ya!

Jacqueline said...

You know every time you say you don't do layouts I laugh because every time you do one it turns out THE BEST!!!!! :D You are an AMAZING scrapper and you really should start liking to do them! *wink
Congrats to Cam!! He rocks!! I was two steps from my black belt years ago and I LOVE karate..hope he sticks with it!! When I make it there some day he and I will have to spar! lets just hope it is before he towers over me in height!! LOL!
Great work sweetie!! LY.. Xx

Alison said...

......sorry! I cannot believe my eyes! A LAYOUT?!?!?!? My dear, you have created your own masterpiece! I am so happy you took the plunge and did it! It looks awesome!!! I am very proud of you! If I can get you to at least enjoy scrapbooking a little, then my job is done! ;} Congrats to Cam! I want to take karate myself!

Erica said...

Great layout! I love all the paper and the photo in black and white is perfect! You guys seemed to have a blast. That is soooo cool for Cam! You are allowed to brag! Great work hun!

Bumbles and Fairy-Tales said...

Yea! Congrat Cam! Well done :)

Stunning LO, Donna! Your so funny! Your LOs rock! Just think of them as huge cards but with a pic on it ;) LOL!

Thank you for the b'day wishes and the compliment :*)

ellepaulette said...

Good gracious girl! Your layout couldn't get anymore perfect! I love everything about it!!

Congrats to Cam!! What an achievement!!

Jen Shults said...

Ah! Congrats to Cam!! That's wonderful news. :D And wowsa, your layout is fantastic. I mean WOWSA fantastic. :D I really love all the details, I keep looking and looking and find more to look at. It's really spectacular work. I do hear you about the layouts though... they don't speak to me the way cards do. But this one makes me wish they would. :D

Julie said...

Aww, your boy! Congrats to Cam! Love that name - I have a nephew Cam as well. And your layout is BEAUTIFUL - love that you distressed the "crap" out of it. Too funny!

Beth said...

I love your layout! I think it is fabulous - even if you don't love the process! :) Gorgeous job, and you are allowed to be proud of your babies!! That is very cool for Cam!!

susy said...

Oh look, it's us :-) love the layout, must get a copy of your photo, the little French girls photography skills were not great,lol. Say congrats to Cam for me, he's done well. Nice to see you sharing a bit of you and yours.
Missing you

Linda said...

Hey Don! Sending my congratulations to Cam for reaching blue belt status! Yay! And don't tell me you don't scrapbook - your layout is wonderful! You did a great job! Aloha, Linda

P.S.: After I saw New Moon, I have to admit that now I'm Team Jacob ... how shallow am I? LOL!

WickedPixie said...

From reading you blog, I know you don't like to make layouts, but you sure do create beautiful ones!! :-)Traci

Rebecca said...

gorgeous LO! I had a great laugh over your technical terminology "distressed the crap out of it" :-) wonderful job as always! Congrats to DS on his belt!

mindi said...

Congrats to Cam!! I bet you are one proud mommy, and you very well should be :)
And the layout looks awesome - always does, I so wish I were a better scrapper :D