Monday, April 6, 2009

A Quick Trip To Naracoorte and a Birthday.....

On Friday Sharon and I traveled down to Naracoorte to attend Kathryn's Birthday/Sharon's FIRST "Stampin Up" demonstration.......

Maria caught a lift home with us as she had just spent a nice holiday with her family up in Queensland....She just missed the floods!

Sharon and the Birthday girl looking very pretty!!!

Doesn't she look very professional! And she did an amazing job!!

Sharon's display....She hasn't got a lot right now but she is working on it!

Party, Party, Party!!!.........Ok, it was quite tame but we all had a FANTASTIC time!!!

Maria....Poor Maria she had her eyes popping out of her head she was so tired!!

Susy...... Love Your work!

Kathryn's girls.....

Sharon doing her thing!

Align CenterSorry Sandie, I had too.....

You are sooooooo cool Susy!!!
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