Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Warm and Fuzzy.

Wow!! I really like this whole award thing......I just received an award from Melody and now I feel all warm and fuzzy....hold on, that's how I usually, I feel more warm and fuzzier than normal....

Anyway, Thanks Mel...I would give you this one right back cause I love your blog...but since you gave it to me I will pass it on to 7 other great blogs that I love to read....

Cindy...(and no you don't have to pass this on, I am just giving you an award because I like you blog). Cause she's my sister and I love her lots.

Anne Elizabeth.....Because I think she is just an amazing person...I love reading everything she has to say. Also would like to say I wish I lived near her as I think we would be really good friends.....

Andrea......Because she makes me laugh and because she is going to make a fantastic mum (mom) someday....hopefully soon. Xx

Christina.....Because I just love her cards.....No, well yes, I do love her cards but because I just love her and she is very special.

Mindi.....Because, well, I just love everything about her blog, her kids, her photo's, her words.....could go on forever.

Sandie......Because she is one very special lady.....doesn't really know me from Adam and then just let's me into her heart without a second thought....

And lastly.....Susy.....Just because I love her. She is so very special to me. Xx

There you go...You don't have to pass this on, I just wanted you to know "I love Your Blog".
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