Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"Happy Birthday Ben"

What have i been doing?
Time flew swifty by
My how you have grown
into such a handsome
little guy!

This is my youngest nephew "Ben" and he is 3 years old today..... Ben was born on a rainy day (like all Cindy's children) at Mount Gambier Hospital. I can remember he was so small when I held him...and he was (is) so beautiful. The only sad bit that day was my mum would never get to meet him and my sister and I felt the loss of her more than ever as this was something the three of us shared between mother and daughters that nobody else could.... Cindy and Greg were so exicited about having a little boy after having 2 beautiful girls. And oh my gosh, he is a little and sport will be his things!

Happy Birthday little man....I love you more than words can say!


Anne Elizabeth said...

He is so cute!

mindi said...

That is so sweet! Happy Birthday Ben!

Sandie said...

Thanks for the award & I have returned it to you as you are just SUPER!!!
I love your blog & you are sooooooo creative. YOU ROCK!!!

Anonymous said...

he is beautiful!