Saturday, June 21, 2008

WOW ! What a Week...

I am exhausted, what a busy week I have had.

For all you that didn't know I spent the first part of the week down in Naracoorte. I had sooooo much fun catching up with everyone and just being on my own without children and husband was lovely (for the first few days anyway, after that I started to miss them heaps).

I got up extremely early on Monday morning (5.30am) and after a quick shower, throwing everything into my bag and Andy warming up the car for me, I was off. It usually takes 3 hrs to get there so I pumped up the music and sang to Pink nearly all the way down. Just the fact that the music was loud was a pleasure in itself because I had no one telling me to " turn it down" or to "stop listening to girly music mum".

I got to Tan's safe and sound and we promptly went off to the gym....aren't we good girls! It was so fantastic to be in a nice gym again with treadmills that work and look relatively new. After getting changed from sweaty clothes and making ourselves look pretty again we tried to find Susy who wasn't at home or answering her mobile. A bit miffed that we couldn't find our third musketeer we decided to head to the South School as Tan had to drop money into Sandie at the school canteen and just our luck we found Susy there. After a lot of hugging and laughing with Susy and Sandie Tan and I headed to the shop to meet Sharon for lunch. We went to the new Thai restaurant that's just opened and never having Thai (in a restaurant) I thought it was really nice.

Tuesday, Tan had to work at the shop. Tan's mum Jan came up from Millicent to look after Taylah and Tyson because of the school strike and I went and spent the day with Susy. It was great we caught up on a lot of gossip and watched a movie called "P.S. I love you" total chick flick. I will recommended it to all you lovely ladies......just be careful because you will be crying in the first 5mins! But then you also get to perv on the really hot Irish guys!!!! After that we went for long walk with Susy's beautiful dog Daisy.

Wednesday was just so busy, after another hard workout at the gym we went back to Tan's house and sat around talking till about 12pm then realised that it was lunch time. Jan totally spoiled Tan and me and took us out for lunch and then we went shopping! Tan had a class to teach that night at Scrap n Patch (a fantastic canvas that I will put on as soon as I finish it). So we headed to the shop where we caught up with Christina and even my beautiful sister dropped in as well! Wednesday night came and Maria came to pick us up for the class. It just went all so fast.... It was fantastic to see everyone ( except for Kathryn, she was not feeling well) and already I miss them.

Today it was my annual trip to AMMI Stadium to watch the Football. Now for those of you that don't know, Andy works for a company called Farmoz and every year they have a corporate box that they take customers to. Once a year I get to go.... now this may seem really great, but I don't get to pick the teams I want to see or get to pick if it will be night or day game. I can hear you saying that I sound a bit ungrateful... but I really don't like Port Power and watching them...well I can think of better things to do. I do only get to go once a year and it is nice being in a corporate box so I go for the nice food, the company( you get to meet some really nice customers) and it's a good day out and this year Cam got to come with us too, which was great because he needs some mum and dad time every now and again and this was the perfect opportunity. We watched Richmond beat Port, so that was good, and then got take-away for tea (I didn't have to cook yah!) so that has been my busy week. Next week I am going to start to look for a job.... That will be interesting so wish me luck!



susy said...

Oh we're from Tiger land, a fighty fury, hahahaha, woo hoo, wish we were there with you. why oh why does that town of yours have to be so far away, maybe if we asked nice enough Mother nature woud just move it a couple of hours closer. I miss you and so does Daisy,lol. Hope to see you soon,
luv ya...

Rachel's Journal Pages said...

Sounds like a really worthwhile week of building relationships and catching up with dear friends - no wonder you're worn out - socializing is hard work!
Saw Port Power lose yesterday too... can't say that I was upset about it either.
Good luck job hunting - how exciting - let us know how you go and what industry are you going to explore?

Kathryn said...

Sorry I missed you too, Donna! But you don't wanna have what I had this week - very icky!!
What sort of job are you going for??

Sandie said...

Dearest Don,
I'm with you girl - why did it have to be a Port game - yuk.
Anyway, I'm glad you had such fu down here & miss you.
I wish you all the best for your new adventure job hunting. I'm sure you'll do well whatever you decide to turn your hand to. Go get 'em!!
luv me xxooxx