Sunday, June 8, 2008

What was I thinking....

I have been feeling a bit melancholy at the moment.....
Not exactly feel sick, bad or sad but... blah! No other way of putting it really. I haven't felt like scrapping or card making and even making myself do it doesn't seem to help, so I do the everyday things that you have to do without the slightest bit of enthusiasm and muddle my way through the day avoiding the mounting washing and the dusty shelves and all those other jobs crying out for attention.

Wow! Isn't this just turning out to be a morbid post, but you know where I'm coming from don't you? Don't we all have times where a holiday on a tropical island sounds just the most perfect thing you can think of compared to housework! Now, I'm a very house proud person ( just ask my friends) and I love having a clean house but even I get sick of cleaning and constantly picking up after kids ( not Andy, he likes a clean house even more than me) and I can hear you saying " Go out have fun, it's not going anywhere and life is meant to be enjoyed with your kids, who cares if there is 2 weeks worth of dust sitting around the house". I care... I can only stand it for so long before it drives me nuts.

Look at me..... what HAVE I got complain about! Ahhhhh from now on I will stop complaining and get off my lazy behind and do all those jobs that I just don't want to do at the moment...... and when I feel like this again, I will look back and see that I am very happy and healthy, have a very full life with fantastic family and friends and a wonderful husband ( and I mean wonderful because right at this very moment he is vacuuming the house while I am on the computer), and I have two great kids that are not too annoying....

What was I thinking....... "thank you" for letting me vent!



Sandie said...

Dear Don,
That's alright girl you go right ahead & vent all you like. Do you feel better now - I hope so.
I know that at times we feel that life has lost it's shine a litttle & that's ok as it just helps for the great times to shine out even more!!!
I got sooooo excited the other day about having a new flushing toilet in my nearly completed brand new ensuite. I forgot that now it means I have TWO toilets to clean!! ha ha Ah but I think it is so worth it though.
Hope you get over feeling BLAH & enjoy the rest of the long weekend.
luv me xxooxx

Rachel's Journal Pages said...

You certainly sound like you were having a down day. I can tell when my day is a bit 'blah' cause I do the same thing you do: feel down and can't be bothered then talk myself around to feeling silly for feeling that way to begin with.

Perfectly fine to have a 'blah' day - just let it happen. Love the honesty in your post - made me smile.